Welcome to Seminole Lake Family Tennis!


              Seminole Lake Family Tennis is the premier family tennis program in Pinellas County.  We offer classes for all levels at the same time of day throughout the week.  In a world where things move at the speed of light and everyone is on different pages, we make it easy for you.

              Imagine you get off work, pick up your children, or spouse or friend, and head to Seminole Lake Family Tennis (SLFT) for your evening clinic.  You have 3 kids ranging from 4-16 years old, you're just starting to learn how to play and your spouse is a former college player.  Or you are a high level player and your friend or spouse is just starting out.  Once you arrive at SLFT you are greeted by our friendly front desk staff and directed to your court.  The courts are organized by level which gives you the best environment to learn and grow your game.  While you are playing, your children, spouse or friend is also playing on their court with players on their own level.  There's no worry of being the newest player or being bored due to little competition.  There's no shuffling around from different facilities for all your family members to be able to play.  There's just FAMILY TENNIS.  There's a program designed with your family in mind.  We want you to come out here, play tennis and learn, and then go home as a family.