Tiny Tennis

Tiny Tennis is our program for toddlers ages 3-5.   We love introducing tennis to children.  We do it in a fun & simple way so they can understand the concept & see how fun tennis really is for them. These classes are organized & structured to give your little one the best age-appropriate training.  The benefits include heathier bodies, building confidence, develop eye-hand coordination, strength, footwork, & tennis strokes.  We will chart their success along the way.  After they graduate, we look forward to them continuing in our higher level programs for team tennis, competitive tournaments, high school & college tennis.

Beginner Tennis  R.O.G.Y. (Red, Orange, Green, Yellow Bal)

R.O.G.Y. Beginner Tennis is our program for ages 5 to 12 year olds.  We follow the USTA guidelines for advancement to tournament play.  

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6 & under:  All new beginners will start out hitting the Red low compression tennis balls. The red balls have a slower bounce so beginners can get the technique & timing down perfectly.  Specialized Mini courts help the little ones feel success. 

10 & under:  This is our next step for those who are ready to go to the next level.  Players will use the Orange tennis balls that are low compression, however slightly smaller in size, to get the feel of a normal size tennis ball.

12 & under:  This level is designed for you to pick up the proper technique that you will need to go out & enjoy playing with your friends & family all while getting a great workout.  We use the Yellow/Green dot low compression balls.


SLFT College Prep IS YOUR PATHWAY TO COLLEGE TENNIS.  Our program caters to any tournament player who is committed to playing high school & college tennis.  We work together with the guardians & players to prepare them for the best college tennis opportunity.

CP (includes) *strategy & tactics *building character *strength & condition *supervised match play *weight training *beautiful stroke development

R.O.G.Y & CP program players will be expected to participate in USTA Tournaments, Team Tennis  and Seminole Lake Family Tennis’s Club Championships.

Travel Team:  travel together to tournaments to boast your ranking! *our players support each other* car pool for busy parents *coaching available at tournaments for a fee (split by teammates)

**All program players must pay a $35 annual registration fee. Families pay $50.