Tiny Tennis

               Tiny Tennis is our program for toddlers ages 3-5.   We love introducing tennis to children.  We do it in a fun & simple way so they can understand the concept & see how fun tennis really is for them.  These classes are organized & structured to give your little one the best age-appropriate training.  The benefits include heathier bodies, building confidence, develop eye-hand coordination, strength, footwork, & tennis strokes.  We will chart their success along the way.  After they graduate, we look forward to them continuing in our higher level programs for team tennis, competitive tournaments, high school & college tennis.

Classes offered Monday - Friday 4:00- 5:30

We have three different pricing options- 

Drop- In

Punch Card

Monthly Unlimited Pass.

 Drop- In- This is the rate you pay per class each time you come.  This is best for players who are traveling or who can only come out here and there.

$20 per class for non-members and $15 per class for members for Monday –Friday class.  

$30 non-member and $25 member for Saturday clinic.

Punch Card- Pay ahead for 10 classes and save money!  Each time you come to a class the card gets punched.  There is no time limit.  This card is best for players who come to 2 or less classes a week.  

$160 for 10 classes for non-members and $135 for 10 classes for members.  

Monthly Unlimited Pass- With this pass you can come out to as many clinics as you would like to each month.  This pass is best for players who come out 3 or more times a week.

$135 a month for non- members and $110 a month.  (This is a recurring monthly charge that will be billed to your credit card on the 1st of every month.  In order to cancel you must notify us by the 15th of the month prior to when you would like to cancel).